We make use of our experience.

Being highly experienced lawyers, we will provide consultancy services to you and we will legally represent you with regard to any and all aspects concerning the protection of industrial property, competition law and media law. We are familiar with the industrial sectors in which our clients are doing business and we know what matters to them. In this regard, we think in entrepreneurial terms based on practical solutions. Our target consists in creating the perfect legal basis and framework when it comes to the development and the exploitation of your intellectual property.

We will assist and accompany you right to the end.

In close co-operation with our clients, we develop strategies concerning the structure, administration and enforcement of their industrial protection rights, whereby these strategies include the following:

  • the registration of trademark and design rights both in Germany and in other countries;
  • the management and supervision of global protection rights portfolios; and
  • the defence and enforcement in court.

We also assist you with regard to your day-to-day business activities and we take care of economically exploiting your property rights in the best way possible, e.g. on the basis of licensing, co-operation or distribution agreements.

We enforce your rights.

When turning your ideas into products or services, we provide you with legally secure marketing services. We will check both your advertisements and your sales activities. At the same time, we will protect you from copycats and free riders who have the intention of using your good reputation for their own purposes. In your name, we represent you with disputes relating to competition law matters, both inside and outside court. In the case where we carry on lawsuits, we place your economic interests at the centre of our actions.

Our consultancy services have no borders.

In a globalised world, IP-related questions and disputes do not stop at a country’s borders. Together with you, we also manage international matters, whereby we rely upon a successful network of experienced colleagues in other countries for this purpose which has been existing for a long time now.