Our team provides legal advice and support in all aspects of protection and enforcement of copyrights including

Consultancy and client representation in all copyright related matters both extrajudicial and in court // Protection of creative works and achievements though copyright // Enforcement of copyright claims // Representation of designers, photographers, artists, authors, creative minds and other copyright owners // Copyright protection for software and computer programs // Copyright protection of performers , producers of phonograms and film producers // Design rights // Copyright contract law // Digital media // Use and commercialization of software and content // Combatting product piracy // Consultancy in all aspects of copyright infringement // Litigation // Negotiation and drafting of license agreements, agreements on the assignment of the right to use protected works and other copyright related contracts // Online Gaming // Liability of platform operators and infrastructure providers // Legal protection of databases // Due Diligence on copyright aspects in M&A transactions // Software protection //Image rights