Litigation & Arbitration

Our team offers advice and support relating to the effective enforcement of claims or the defense of our clients, both in-court and out-of-court:

Development and legal advice on strategies for out-of-court settlements // Advice and drafting of agreements for the extrajudicial settlement or avoidance of disputes // Advice, preparation and conducting of negotiations between conflicting parties // Protective measures against threatened preliminary injunctions // Protective briefs // Developing litigation strategies // Collecting and securing evidence through searches, seizures and investigations // Enforcement of claims in preliminary injunction proceedings and actions on the merits // Advice and representation in out-of-court conflicts // Enforcement of claims and rights in proceedings before the German courts and the courts of the European Union (General Court, European Court of Justice) // Coordination of lawsuits before foreign courts though our worldwide network of foreign partner law firms // Litigation // Execution procedures // Representation in arbitration proceedings // Mediation // Enforcement of rights in alternative dispute resolution proceedings (e.g. UDRP, URS, ADR, etc.) // litigation management // Arbitration strategies