Our team provides legal advice and support in all aspects of press law and freedom of speech including: 

Advice and representation in all legal conflicts und der media law // Legal review of concepts, scripts, scribbles, drafts, screenplays, etc. with regard to the legal framework or possible infringements of rights // Advice on advertising concepts and campaigns // Protection of image and personality rights // Consultancy on copyrightrelated issues in the field of media // media contract law // Advice on agency contracts and agreements with authors, artists or performers, advertising and merchandising contracts // Testimonial agreements // Influencer Marketing // Drafting of license agreements // Advice on legal aspects and questions related to the field of new media // Social Media Marketing // Online sweepstakes and raffles // Legal framework for homepages, social media and websites // Defense against defamatory statements and comments in the internet, in social media or review sites // Legal representation in conflicts and court proceedings related to media law // Enforcement of claims // Defense against legal attacks by third parties // Assessment of public statements and press coverage in all media